How Mexico Found its Identity Through Art

The Mexican nation has a vibrant and rich culture influenced by the many civilizations which merged into modern Mexico; from the Aztecs and Mayans to the French and Spanish. Their history is very long and fascinating it actually took me three weeks of research to settle on an angle for this article, and no I didn’t land on just one.

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Come take a Walk with Me – Souq El Fustat

If you take a walk with me, we will go to Old Cairo today. Driving through the ancient roads, we would pass Amr Ibn El Ass Mosque, and find ourselves standing next to the Hanging Church and the Coptic Museum. Those iconic sites are not our stop for the day. Today, we will be visiting Souq El Fustat, an Arts and Crafts Center with 35 permanent galleries and many booth stalls set-up for the day. Today is the date of the Festival For Arts & Crafts which is why we are here today.

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