A Review of Google Arts and Culture Mobile App

As I was browsing through Google’s newest app today for Arts and Culture, I could help but feel entirely amazed by the sheer enormity and beauty of the world surrounding us. Simply scrolling through the endless articles one would feel a sense of awe, as we realize the vastness of history in the world around us. In a sense, Google has done us a service, by sharing easily readable articles that document and explain world arts and culture, the app serves as a repertoire of knowledge, presented in the most readable format for today’s generation: online content.

Online content has seen an explosion in volume over the last few years, with daily blog posts numbering in the tens of millions. However, in today’s noisy online market, it has either become very easy or very difficult to find answers. The types of answers found online are those asked by the majority of people, but if you are like me, intrigued by the hidden treasures of the world, it becomes hard to find quality content. Unless you are an experienced researcher with knowledge of where to find the specific information you are looking for, it becomes near impossible to stumble upon a culture’s nooks and cranny’s.

Google Arts and Culture provides a solution for this problem by highlighting both the traditional and non-traditional artistic creations the world has to offer, and with art spanning over a millennium, it is delightful to find one place that has the width and breadth to cover a wide variety of topics.  Moreover, their use of 360-degree images, augmented and virtual reality, 3D modeling of architecture, as well as several other interactive features, enables the viewer to become transported in time and place to locations that could prove challenging to visit for some of us.

Overall, the app receives a 5-star rating. Here is to hoping that more companies will take a hint and start producing similar mobile apps for all of us to enjoy this critical sector.

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