The National Gallery of Art Just Released over 45,000 Works of Art as Downloadable Images!!

This move has been the last in a series of events by various museums, such as the Met and the Smithsonian and various others. Many of the historically famous art pieces have become available as public domain art images, which means that more people can now enjoy famous paintings from the comfort of their homes.

The Met’s initiative is titled “Open Access for Scholarly Content,”or OASC for short, which enables the viewer to download the content for non-commercial use. Many sites have taken advantage of these images, and you can now find them all over the internet, free to download for everyone.

For me, I seriously hope that other entertainment industries follow suit with their own collections of movies, TV series, and music. I truly believe that most work created in the past should be made available for free, since it often has inherent artistic value that would elevate the public’s ability to appreciate and enjoy a wide range of historically important pieces of culture.

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