The Perfect Blend between Art and Math Produces Ultra-realistic Murals

Award-winning artist Jacqueline Hill has gone viral on the web due to her recent mural installations. A science graduate with a background in mathematics, she has an honors degree in Computer Science. She worked as a consultant in her first career. She started doing craft projects and painting on weekends as a way to unwind and use the creative part of her brain, and eventually decided to throw herself into her art business full-time.

Jacqueline utilized her artistic mastery in recreating the Alhambra Palaces in Granada, Spain. The palace housed the Andalusian Sultan of Grenada in 1333, Yusif I, who was the last Muslim Sultan to live there. Alhambra spans a long history of conquering factions and displays many soaring arches, intricate carvings, and beautiful tiles. In 2018 the artist recreated a piece of the palaces as a huge mural spanning 10 meters long and 3.5 meters tall.

Trompe Alhambra Mural
Trompe Alhambra Mural

Jacqueline’s murals are created in a style called Trompe-l’oeil which in French means ‘deceive the eye.’ Her deep knowledge of mathematical concepts helped her in producing murals that are stunning pieces of craftsmanship that produce super-realistic work you could almost touch with your own hands.

Trompe Taboon Mural (Gold Coast)
Trompe Taboon Mural (Gold Coast)
Trompe Tuscany Mural
Trompe Tuscany Mural

Jacqueline Hill’s original artwork found in her Art at Heart Gallery and Studio comes in a variety of styles using oil, watercolor, acrylic, charcoal, pastel or pencil.

You can see more of Jacqueline’s work on:

her facebook page Jacqueline F. Hill

and her Instagram account Jacqueline Hill


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