6 of the World’s Most Unique Looking Churches

Church of the Transfiguration (Kizhi Island, Russia)

While this Church does not have the typical look and feel of a Russian
Eastern Orthodox Church, its unique wooden structure and many roofs and bulbs give it an attractive look that makes it an exceptional building. Constructed in the 18th Century, it is one of three UNESCO World Heritage Sites on the Kizhi Island.

Borgund Stave Church (Lærdal, Norway)

Photo: Borgund Stave Church

The interesting fact about this Church is how it was constructed entirely from wood, and without using any nails! Built in 1180, the structure is considered a typical Viking structure. It is adorned with dragon heads and surrounding tombstones, giving it a somber feeling matching the famous cold Norse whether.

The Church of Hallgrímur (Reykjavík, Iceland)

Photo: The Church of Hallgrímur

Going over to a more modern structure, this Church was named after
a famous Icelandic poet and clergyman, Hallgrimur Petursson. The impressive structure stands at 74.5 meters high, and took 38 years to complete, making it one of the tallest buildings in Iceland!

Las Lajas Cathedral, (Colombia, South America)

Photo: Las Lajas Cathedral

This Roman Catholic basilica is built inside a canyon in Columbia where the
Guitara River flows, giving the building a fantastic view of the canyon below. The church was financed by local communities for 33 years, creating a masterpiece of architecture in the midst of iconic and unforgettable scenery.

St Joseph Ukrainian Catholic Church (Chicago, USA)

Photo: St Joseph Ukrainian Church

Built in 1958, the ultra-modern Church has a distinguished roof, made-up of thirteen gold domes which symbolize the twelve apostles and Jesus Christ as the largest center dome.

Chapel of St. Gildas (Brittany, France)

Photo: Chapel of St. Gildas

Who would ever think that a Chapel would serve both as a religious place of worship, and also as an art exhibition center?! St. Gildas does, along with 25 other chapels in the area during the Art dans les Chapelles festival.

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