Asian squirrel

I love squirrels 🙂 Once I was in London and I gave one of them a small M&M and all of a sudden my parents found a line of them following me around the park.

Oh, border!

Gahaha, I just have to do this one!

Corniest of all corn in the world:
Q: Why is this an Asian squirrel?

A: Because it eats rice!

* * *

Pardon me for the silly riddle. I captured this pic when I first moved back to Singapore and was working from a park then, as I badly need connection to nature more than WiFi.  That was after years of living in villages, and I was suffocating in the concrete jungle even though my parents had filled the entire 18th floor with greens to make me more at home.

So. Here I was sitting in a real jungle, getting all distracted taking pics of spiders (small, innocent ones, unlike those of Australia’s. heh heh), ants – the red juicy-assed ones, feathery looking animals that move on their own (and were definitely not feathers), and this squirrel hopped into the…

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