Most of us go through life feeling that we are missing out on something. Yet that “something” is often an undefinable, beyond our grasp feeling that there could be more to our days than our normal routines. We wake up, go to our 9-5 jobs, come home, pay the bills and rinse and repeat. We might have a few friends to hang out with, we could perhaps have the occasional fun activity to look forward to, but overall, we would not feel quenched.

This undefinable “something” would usually rear its shy head into our subconscious minds in the form of admiration for someone else’s life, be it real or fictional. It could happen when we see that amazing dancer on T.V who just baffled their audience with their floor routine. Or it happen when we see a scene in a movie where the heroine is a kick-ass, completely toned ninja whose offensive moves makes her seem all strong and powerful. We might watch an interview with a famous book novelist and wounder quietly to ourselves “just how lucky is that person!”

Our mind however, is hardwired for survival, where conformity and society have programmed us early on to believe that our 9-5 jobs, and our ability to save every last penny we possibly can, is the only sure method of paying our bills. We are programed to believe that the safety of a stable job is the only method we would not be considered losers in today’s hectic world.

In the middle of this hassle, we learn to forget our passions, to the point where we no longer recognize that soft envious voice in our heads as one that is prompting us to go forward and explore the fullness of life as we would really want to live it. We forget that we are made up of huge potential that we are wasting away by our incessant marathon towards the 104k pensions, where we hope will provide us with the funds to finally go on that dream cruise.  Overall, we simply remain unquenched, always hungry for “more”.

Perhaps, we can just listen to that soft envious voice in our heads, to recognize it for what it really is, a calling to do more with our lives. And perhaps, we can then take concrete steps towards living the life WE want to live, by investing in making ourselves the best, damn versions we could ever hope to be, in our own eyes. Who knows, maybe after sometime we can find a way to turn our passion to profit.




3 thoughts on “Quench

  1. recently I heard someone quote something about how if you do what you love doing you will never work a single day in your life or was it when you do what you love doing it shows and someone will pay you to do it maybe it was a fusion of the two but basically they were speaking on how our education system systematically robs us of our creativity and simply turn us into workers then opening our minds to a more innovative type of thinking


    1. I completly agree with that. I think the education system, even in the most advanced countries, does little anymore to prepare people for the needs of the job market, and assumes that everyone’s pace of learning and interests are the same. The education system is not designed to further the unique talents of each person. After all how could it, when schools are usually filled beyond capacity. In Egypt we have classes full of 80 -100 kids all crammed in a small room …

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